Jan 5, 2020

Tom Brady's Son Rejects Kiss After First-Round Loss

In what appears to potentially be the ending of a dynasty, The New England Patriots suffered a devastating 20-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans Saturday night in Foxborough.

Considering Brady isn’t under contract after the season, it’s tough to say what the future holds for the Patriots and the 6 time Super Bowl Champion moving forward. 

And to put an even bigger damper on an already disastrous Wild-Card Weekend for Brady, his son Jack, refused to kiss him on the lips after the 1st round loss. 

A clearly flustered and smoochless Brady, changed the subject back to discussing Saturday night’s loss when questioned about the awkward altercation between him and his son, saying it was “Unlikely” he’ll retire in the offseason. 

“He didn’t deserve it,” said Jack Brady, when referring to his Father’s failed attempt at a big wet one following the loss. “Daddy played really really bad today. Worst I’ve seen in all of my years, and I’ve even seen Mitch Trubisky play.” 

“Kisses are for winners,” the 11 year old said in disgust as he took the 364th lick from his tootsie pop. 

Main Image Via: The New York Times
Thumbnail Via: The Boston Globe