Jul 29, 2020

Taylor Swift Fans Discover Bon Iver Is A Band

By: Michael Pittman

Following Swift’s latest collaboration with Bon Iver, thousands of her fans have discovered Bon Iver is an actual band. We spoke with some “Swifties” to hear their thoughts.

“It’s crazy, I just thought ‘Bon Iver’ was French for ‘Taylor Swift’."

“At first I just thought they made her voice like, super low. Then I realized it was actually another human-being singing with her.”

Taylor Swift and Bon Iver collaborated on the song "Exile" on Swift's recent surprise release "Folklore".

Swift has had to battle rumors that Bon Iver is an alter ego. In an attempt to ease some suspicion, she released the following statement:

“Bon Iver is not my alternate stage name. They are a band that has put out a couple of albums. I chose to work with Justin Vernon because although I support the homeless, I don’t like interacting with them. Therefore, my manager and I felt that this collaboration would be the best compromise.”

Bon Iver has reported that their fan base has slightly grown since the release of the collaboration. It will likely stay that way for a few weeks until 'Swifties' get burnt out on Folklore and go back to jamming to her "Reputation" and "1989" albums.

Thumbnail Image Via: The Vulture