Aug 6, 2020

UConn's Jonathan The Husky To Enter Iditarod In Lieu of Cancelled 2020 Football Season

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With Uconn pulling the plug on its 2020 football season Wednesday, many questions lingered in the air regarding how the program would fill the void. Their beloved mascot "Jonathan The Husky" however, wasted no time in making plans to join the Annual Iditarod Race of Anchorage, Alaska in March of 2021.

"We're fully on board to support Jonathan in his passion projects. I'm just unsure he knows what he's getting himself into," said Athletic Director David Benedict. "He's never competed in a physically grueling athletic event before. Plus, he's not an actual dog. He's just a mascot. Regardless, he knows he always has a home in Connecticut."
Jonathan The Husky (The University of Connecticut's Mascot) is joining the 2020 Iditarod in lieu of the University's cancelled 2020 football schedule.

Many fans have shown growing concern as well, as it's been widely known in the past for mushers to abuse dogs used in the race. In fact, according to the Sled Dog Action Coalition, at least 136 dogs have died in the Iditarod or as a result of running in the Iditarod. Despite these risks, team physicians are certain that Jonathan will be able to withstand the extreme temperatures in Anchorage, as he'll continue to wear his full wool mascot costume throughout the race.

We'll continue to give updates on Jonathan's workout regimens, diet, and overall psyche building in preparation for the 2021 Iditarod.