Sep 13, 2019

Texas Mascot Bevo XV Says “Horns Down” Sign Is More Offensive Than Any Racial Slur

Ever since Bevo XV took over as head Mascot for the University of Texas in 2016, the “Horns Down” sign seems to have gained even more popularity among opposing players and fans. But not everyone seems to be enjoying the trend, and Bevo XV is leading the charge of those speaking out.

“Honestly, I find it more offensive than any racial slur,”

Bevo XV said in a shocking statement on Thursday. “The way it makes me feel, the way it makes our players and fans feel, is something indescribable. It just makes me really sad, and to be honest with you it keeps me up at night. How are we supposed to explain this kind of hate to our children?”

Bevo XV went on to say that he’s having the university look into whether or not they can have the gesture labeled as “hate speech” and ban it from all football stadiums nationwide. When asked whether the hypothetical ban would carry over to other sports Bevo XV said, “Who gives a shit about other sports?”


Spokesperson for The Greater Austin Neighborhood Watch, Gary Gergich, when reached for comment said that the gesture is “Offensive to all Longhorns fans because it insults our history and makes light of what we’ve been through as a people,” and added that

“It's basically a gang sign, we don’t need that filth in our neighborhoods. This is Austin, not College Station.” 

We reached out to University of Texas’ “Minister of Culture,” Matthew McConaughey, and asked what his thoughts were about ‘Horns Down’.

“It’s not alright, alright, alright,” said McConaughey.

He then asked our reporter where he could find some ‘grass’, and continued to mumble to himself as he got back in his Lincoln and drove away.


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