Feb 2, 2020

Steve Harvey Mistakenly Awards Nathan Peterman MVP At NFL Honors

For nine years, The NFL Honors has paid homage to the league’s greatest performers. With veteran host, Steve Harvey at the helm, viewers were looking forward to the usual diet of Dallas Cowboy and Roger Goodell themed jokes. But Harvey sent shockwaves through the city of Miami, when he mistakenly awarded Raiders quarterback, Nathan Peterman, the distinguished honor of NFL MVP in the closing moments of the ceremony. 

The award presentation began like any other. Harvey acknowledged the nominees, applauded them for their efforts and sprinkled in a few lighthearted jokes that he retrieved from a trashcan in the Family Feud writer’s room. However, the segment took an unexpected turn when Harvey called out Peterman’s name after an obligatory dramatic pause. Overjoyed, Peterman ran on stage and tenderly cradled his award. Tears welled up in his eyes as he delivered.

“I came here tonight to earn some extra cash bussing tables.” the long shot said; “But it just goes to show… Anything’s possible when Steve is hosting.”

Awkward moments followed, as Harvey apologized for his gaff and informed the audience that the award was supposed to be given to MVP frontrunner, Lamar Jackson. A tearful Nathan Peterman was escorted offstage and sent back into the kitchen to clear table three. 

Reporters caught up with the emotional third-stringer just moments after his brush with stardom. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.” Peterman blubbered; “I’ve done a really good job in rehab this year and I’m really good at using those tablet things. It’s disappointing to not be recognized, but I’ll use that as fuel when fighting for the backup spot next season.” 

Thumbnail Image Via: Good Housekeeping
Image Via: Blndpr