Jun 15, 2020

Revolutionary! Kylie Jenner Reveals the Innovative, Novel Way She Brushes Her Teeth.

By: James Cook

Dentists have been suspiciously quiet since America’s favorite billionaire, Kylie Jenner, dropped her tooth care routine. Jenner, 22, posted the clip of her brushing method yesterday, sending shockwaves through the zeitgeist. 

Of course, this is not the first time the Rise and Shine singer has wielded her influence. She practically invented eating cereal with milk in late 2018, and she has had girls clamoring for her makeup kits. Not least of all, she is a dauntless pioneer in the field of at home lip enhancement. 

In the video she explained her revolutionary method:

“Yeah, so I just—like—put some toothpaste on my toothbrush, then I run it under the faucet and start brushing. I sing the ABC’s—like—twice, and then spit and rinse. Remember to turn off the water when you’re brushing; we are in a draught!” 

Boom. Mind = blown. 

Celebrities, influencers and stan twitter has been abuzz. Jenner’s method has completely changed the oral health of America. Reports have shown that the number of cavities has plummeted and the number of kids brushing their teeth without being asked has gone up. 

However, not everyone has been so happy. An insider source at the American Dental Association leaked that the majority of the dentist community feels that Jenner’s claims are “bombastic and inflammatory.” 

“I bet she doesn’t even floss” he added. 

We know that Jenner will overcome the hate; now the only question is, where will Jenner go from here? Both she or her daughter Stormi Webster have yet to comment on the impact of the clip. If Jenner is to continue the legacy her half sister Kimberly Kardashian created, who is working to become a lawyer, it can—and should—be assumed that Kylie will soon be working on her Doctorate of Dental Medicine.