Mar 22, 2020

Obscure Website Proposes Legalizing Weed to Save Economy

Like many Americans, this last week got us thinking. Way too much. People in a number of different industries have lost their jobs, and our economy is in what some might call "the shitter". So what better time than NOW to legalize marijuana in all 50 states! Plus… We have nothing better to do, and everyone could use something to help us all chill out. Here’s some reasons why making pot legal is a good idea for our country. 

1. We can all chill out and watch Planet Earth on Netflix.
2. Pot will create an inner connection with self/roommates/family during these trying times.
3. It’ll really give us a chance to change the aura we have goin’ right now, cause it’s a really bad aura. 
4. The junk food industry would explode. Think of all of the people with the muchies who would pay extra to have food delivered by Postmates. Support Local, man!
5. It would stop the shortage of toilet paper, but create a shortage of rolling paper. What a legit alternative shortage to freaking have!
6. Our buddy Skeeter says it’s a good idea.
7. Stoners would find creative ways to wipe their ass without toilet paper. Sustainable alternatives like leaves would be a most stellar option. 
8. It would increase tax revenues, promote job growth (eventually), and create investment opportunities. Maybe. We don’t really know as we aren’t experts, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. 

A report from cannabis analytics company New Frontier suggests that federally legal pot could generate an additional $105.6 billion in aggregate federal tax revenue by 2025. That’s like, a lot of money. 

We don’t know exactly how it would work, it just seems like a solid plan. If you agree, please sign the petition here, let’s roll one up for the economy!

Main Image Via: The Motley Fool