Jun 16, 2020

Mike Gundy’s Mullet To Become New Logo For One America News Network

In response to a photo of coach Mike Gundy wearing an OAN T-shirt, College Football’s leading rusher last season, Chubba Howard, tweeted out Monday that he "will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE." OAN, known for favoring far-right conspiracy theories and being shamelessly supportive of president Donald Trump, let it be known that they plan to use a silhouette of Gundy’s mullet as a part of their new logo.

"Here at OAN, it's not enough to just be a closet racist, you've got to look the part too.” Mr. Gundy's luscious locks will serve as a shining beacon for those who want to take their racism beyond the standard Thanksgiving gathering.

“Look, people can believe whatever they want. Last time something like this happened, people thought T. Boone Pickens had left me money to get a haircut. Did I wear an OAN t-shirt? You bet your ass I did. Am I a total racist, maybe, but that’s not for the mainstream media to decide! If you want real news, you’ve got to stick with OAN and What The Fuss News. You can’t trust these jackasses at The Associated Press!! These slav - , im sorry, uncompensated student athletes, need to focus on the game!”

Drew Brees, who was recently scrutinized for his comments about kneeling in response to fighting for racial equality and justice, chimed in on the matter, “Gundy should really think more about the aftermath of what he plans to say next time. Trust me, it’s never fun to have to backtrack on what you actually believe just to please other people.” 

An Oklahoma State spokesperson claims the school plans to print “All Lives Matter” on the back of all OSU football jerseys instead of their last names this fall with a firm nod from their heavily mulleted coach. 

“You want to come at me, FINE! Go ahead. Leave my OAN out of this. I’m a racially insensitive man, I’m 50!” Gundy walked off into the sunset repping his newest OAN tee sporting the slogan “One Mullet, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” It was one-day shipped to him by his newest sponsor.