Apr 26, 2020

Marketing Win: Pizza Hut Unveils New Live Feed So You Can Watch Your Pizza Maker Wash Their Hands In The Bathroom

By: Taylor Burkhatler

With the alarming spread of Coronavirus captivating the globe, Pizza Hut is taking major steps to ease the minds of its customers. This week, Pizza Hut announced a new live feed integration with their Pizza Hut app that will enable customers to view their pizza maker while they go to the bathroom.

“Our customer’s safety and peace of mind is our top priority,” stated Pizza Hut CMO Shelley Williams. “Adding this extra level of transparency and sanitation accountability really sets us apart from other pizza makers and ensures we stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Not to mention it enhances the overall customer experience.”

“Look, I have 3 kids to keep healthy,” explained local customer Debbie Sanchez. “The fact that our family can watch Kevin the dough-tosser wash his hands after a quick number 2 really helps me sleep better at night. Thanks Pizza Hut - we’re customers for life!”