Feb 24, 2020

Madi Prewett's Father Won't Give Blessing Until Peter Beats Him In One On One

With Season 24 of “The Bachelor” inching towards a close, it appears that Madison Prewitt’s Father Chad has some strict requirements before giving his blessing to Peter for Madi’s hand in marriage. One of those requirements in particular that has Bachelor Nation RATTLED? Peter must defeat Chad in one on one if he’d like to propose in the Season Finale. 

Apparently, Peter isn’t the first boyfriend Chad has given this difficult task to. The Auburn Director of Basketball Operations has broken off many of Madi’s past relationships, mostly due to the fact that he has “mad game”. 

“Nobody is ever going to be good enough for his little girl,” said Auburn Head Coach Bruce Pearl with a stern look in his eye. “No seriously.. No one is ever going to beat him in one on one. He has a crazy competitive nature about him. Like, he can’t lose. The guy gets buckets”. 

Charles Barkley, an Auburn legend and basketball alum, weighed in on the possibility of a Peter/Chad match-up inside Auburn arena. “I’ve got stacks on Chad. I’m pretty sure when they showed me on the jumbotron in last week's episode Peter had no idea who I was. Did you see his handles when they did drills with Coach Pearl? He’s going to get smashed by Prew. Might as well call the man Chad “Big Dick” Prewitt, because he's about to totally f*ck Peter. WAR DAMN EAGLE!"

When questioned on the mater, Madi remained optimistic about Peter’s chances against her dad, “We’ve been practicing everyday.. and Peter’s jumper has made serious strides, but we’re still working on making him a lockdown defender. I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people.” Our inside sources say Chris Harrison rolled his eyes throughout said interview.

"Peter will not be cast in ABC's upcoming series and Bachelor spin-off 'Balling For Love', and I think everyone and their momma' knows why," Harrison said as he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

Supposedly, Madi’s father isn’t the only one making requirements for Peter. In last week’s episode, Madi opened up about her strong religious faith, and shockingly revealed that she is saving herself for marriage. A preview of this week’s episode hinted that Madi is going to give Peter an ultimatum in which she’ll leave the competition if it is discovered that he slept with either of the other two contestants. *jEsUs sTiLl LoVeS hIm*!!

In related news; it’s been rumored that living legend Luke P. from Season 15 of The Bachelorette (Hannah’s Season) has taken interest in Madi, as he believes they share the same values in what a life partner should be. 

Peter and Chad’s one on one showdown, “One On One: All For The Game Of Love”, is set to take place at Auburn Arena Monday Feb. 24 (literally today) during tonight’s episode. The odds are heavily in Mr. Prewett’s favor at the moment at -13.5 points, but Madi’s faith in Peter is slowly tipping the odds. Grab your popcorn and get ready to watch Peter get schooled. 

MainImage: Newsweek