Nov 24, 2019

Los Angeles Bakery Unveils Philip Rivers Shaped Turnovers

Mistakes Worth Baking is a cozy slice of heaven located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The shop’s owner, Laurie Whiteside, has remained a die-hard Chargers fan despite the fact that they abandoned her hometown of San Diego in 2017. But, after watching Philip Rivers get intercepted by every living organism in Mexico City, Laurie was furious. She slaved all night in an effort to create a fresh batch of Philip Rivers shaped turnovers. The skilled artisan took time out of her busy morning to talk about the inspiration behind her newest creation.

“Turnovers are really tough to make. You have to get the temperature just right or they will crumble under the pressure. Just like Philip Rivers.”   

The delightful pastry is currently outselling the Cleveland favorite “Baker’s Dozen” which consists of 13 of the most expensive doughnuts that contain absolutely no nutritional value. Despite her newfound success, Laurie remains bitter.  

“I’m selling turnovers faster than Philip can cause them but you people are missing the point. If he spent half as much time going through his progressions as he does reproducing, we’d be in first place right now.”

Laurie went on a few more expletive-filled rants before storming off to begin work on a decorative cake for Philip Rivers’ upcoming retirement party.

Main Image Via: New York Post
Thumbnail Via: Bleacher Report