Jan 23, 2020

Kyle Kuzma Says Vanessa Hudgens Has Quite The Bush

Social media was taken by storm Tuesday evening when “Bad Boys For Life” star and newly single Vanessa Hudgens was seen dining with Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma. Evidently the two have been getting very cozy, at least, just enough for Kuzma to reveal something very personal. Apparently, Hudgens has quite the bush.  

We were able to catch Kuzma for a quick interview at Laser Quest (The Kuz’s top chill spot in NYC), after being given an anonymous tip from someone in his crew (D-boi2tonez). Rumor has it that Kuz always covers his targets during matches, one of Lebron’s biggest pet peeves.

“Yeah, things are definitely taken care of in the front and the back. Different styles on each end ya know? In the front, she’s got like.. a nice tight triangle thing going. With one of those bermuda triangle shapes like you see in the movies or in a Southern Living Magazine. Just like the ficus’s in my front yard, always trimmed but fluffy.” Kuzma smirked, “But the back? I’ll leave that up to your imagination.” 

When reached for comment, Hudgens said the bush is her “pride and joy!” 

“I just want things to be nice, clean, and presentable when inviting someone into my personal space, ya know? And that goes for both the front and the back!” Hudgens said in a cheery fashion. “When you date someone for 8 years, landscaping doesn’t always come as a priority. Everything becomes routine and you aren't always trying to impress everybody. Certain spots even start to develop cob webs, gross!! It was time for a fresh change.” 

We were able to get someone from our team on the inside to grab a couple shots of said bush. 

As you can see, the front is quite a sight to see.

Hudgens has a beautiful home. We’ll continue to monitor the blossoming romance between the two love birds.

Thumbnail Image Via: The New York Post
Main Image Via: Newsfeed.media