May 26, 2020

Kim Kardashian Unveils New Line of Passive Aggressive Tweets for 2021

By: Michael Pittman

While many businesses are struggling during this unprecedented time, Kim K has found a new source of potential revenue through a brand new line of passive aggressive tweets. We reached out to Kim Kardashian for a comment on how she came up with this idea, as well as what consumers can expect.

“The idea actually came from my sister . . . Khloé? . . .  Kendall? . . . I don’t know,  the one with long hair. Anyway, she had seen a tweet of mine and wanted to know if it was about her. We have a rule in our family: if you want honesty, you pay up. That’s when I got an idea. What if I turned our family policy into a business model? Starting January 2021, I will be unleashing multiple passive aggressive tweets everyday. For a flat rate of whatever I decide, you can find out if I was talking about you.”

Below are some of the tweets Kim has already started drafting.

“Wow, I love how much of your wardrobe is earth tones.”
“Of course you can come, I just have to uninvite some people who RSVP’d way before you did.”