Apr 24, 2020

Kawhi Leonard Uses Stimulus Check To Upgrade PT Cruiser With New Airbags

Written By: Taylor Burkhalter

While many have been tempted to cash in their government issued stimulus checks on luxury products like 4K TVs and other nonessential items, Kawhi Leonard has invested his $1,200 on enhanced safety measures for his Certified Pre Owned 2010 PT Cruiser.

Kawhi explained he maintains a good standing relationship with his local Chrysler dealership and has routine inspections to ensure his airbags meet NHTSA standards. The PT Cruiser model has been commended for its consistent 5 Star passenger crash test rating, but Kawhi believes you can never be too careful when it comes to the reliability of your airbag deployment.

“Safety,” said Leonard unenthusiastically as he drove safely away to the tune of the Katy Perry smash shit "Firework".