Aug 12, 2019

Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Believes He Is An Actual Velociraptor

Toronto team doctors and psychiatrists have grown heavily concerned that Kawhi Leonard may actually believe he is a velociraptor. Leonard has declined to comment. Sources say he doesn't speak much about personal matters anyway.

Head coach Nick Nurse didn't appear to be phased by the rumors.

"Kawhi can be whatever he wants to be if he keeps playing the way he is," Nurse said.
"Our goal was to do whatever it took to re-sign him, and if that meant getting him involved with some paleontologists to learn about his prehistoric heritage, then so be it."

Team doctors say there was only one instance to suggest that Leonard may be an actual dinosaur.. (See below)

The rest of the evidence is yet to be seen. However, former teammates of Leonard in San Antonio said during his years as a Spur he often wore cowboy boots with large spurs and rode a horse to the arena for practice. Perhaps Leonard takes on the persona of whatever his current team's mascot is? Only time will tell.

Toronto went on to defeat Golden State 4-2 in the 2019 NBA Finals with Leonard finishing as Finals MVP. He recently signed a deal to join the Los Angeles Clippers for a maximum 4 years, and $142 million + stole Paul George away from the Oklahoma City Thunder to join him on a quest for another championship. How exactly does one act like a Clipper?


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