Jul 21, 2020

Kanye Chooses Himself As Running Mate in 2020 Presidential Election

After a bizarre emotional outbreak from Kanye at his South Carolina campaign rally which included a "Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves," claim, the twenty-one time Grammy winner self-anointed himself as his own running mate in the 2020 presidential election via his Twitter account.

Kanye West chooses himself as running mate in the 2020 Presidential election
Kanye loves the old Kanye. And the new Kanye.

"I am the best choice for President of the United States in the 2020 election. But like, I'm also the second best choice. Why would anyone else be a better running mate for my campaign than myself? I am the future and the past. A prophet. The bee's knees." Ye' said as he pulled on the straps of his custom Yeezy bullet-proof vest.

In addition to his outrageous Harriet Tubman claims, West also revealed that he and wife Kim Kardashian contemplated terminating their first baby, North. He broke down crying and said "I almost killed my daughter," in a hysteric weep via a live stream of the event.

However, Kanye became most visibly upset when a reporter from our camp asked him if he liked fish sticks. Seemed like a pretty straight forward question. Lots of people like fish sticks. This was when we were for sure that he needed psychological help.

Various respected celebrities took to Twitter urging West to get a mental health check up, and Kanye didn't seem too happy about it. Especially after accusing Kardashian of trying to commit him into a hospital.

Kanye West accusing Kim Kardashian of trying to commit him to a mental hospital. Said her and Kris Jenner won't return his calls.
O.J. Simpson tweets his support for Kim Kardashian wanting to get husband Kanye West the psychological care he needs..
O.J.'s opinion is very important to the Kardashian family.
Kanye West holding Kanye West's hand on a morning stroll.

Despite the great turnout for West's first official rally, he actually failed to make the ballot for South Carolina in November. Ye, who is running with the independent party the "Birthday Party", needed 10,000 signatures by 12pm ET Monday to be eligible for the state. Sadly - both Kanye and his running mate, Kanye, failed to do so.