Nov 5, 2019

Center For Disease Control Issues Fine To University of Florida Football Program

A spokesperson from the Center for Disease Control told reporters Monday that the CDC will be issuing a substantial fine to the University of Florida football team due to the actions of Megan Mullen, Wife of the Gator's Head Football coach Dan Mullen.

Megan Mullen was seen kissing every Florida Gator Football player as they exited the bus to play Georgia last weekend. Although this can be seen as a harmless gesture to her husband's players, CDC Spokesperson Slim Johnson warned the school that the disease spreading actions of Megan Mullen are like

“Passing around a gallon jug of water from Flint, Michigan with 115 of your closest friends”.

The University of Florida is no stranger to spreading things around, from Tim Tebow passing around God’s Word to Riley Cooper sharing his thoughts on a security guard at a Kenny Chesney concert. The University of Florida had no immediate statement regarding the fine by the CDC, but told What The Fuss News that “Swapping spit with players is just a Gainesville Hello.”


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