Jun 23, 2020

Budding Romance? Who Is This Lamp That Keeps Showing Up In Lana Del Rey’s Selfies?

By: Michael Pittman

Lana Del Rey’s latest photos have sparked a storm of questions: Who is that lamp? Are they together? What’s its voltage? From the pictures, it seems as if the lamp may be the stoic type, never showing a smile. We reached out to Lana’s PR representatives for a comment. 

“What I will say about those two is that they are inseparable. One trip to IKEA was all Lana needed. She kept asking, ‘who is that?’ while gesturing to the handsome lamp. After our third walk around the lighting section, she was sold...Literally!”

The news of this budding romance has fans all over the world searching her lyrics for any mention of this new love. Her song “Bel Air” seems to describe their relationship perfectly. 

Palm trees, in the light, I can see, late at night

Darling I'm waiting to greet you. Come to me baby"