Nov 4, 2019

Arkansas Considers Firing Chad Morris, Backtracks After Discovering No One Else Wants the Job

Things are not good right now for Razorback football fans, and it doesn’t look to be getting better anytime soon. Chad Morris promised change when he took over the program two years ago, but so far it’s just been more losing. 

Reports are now coming out that the Hogs were going to fire Morris after his most recent blowout loss, but quickly decided against it after discovering literally no one wants the job. 

One rumored candidate with the Hogs is Memphis Coach Mike Norvell. Apparently when the Hogs reached out to see if Norvell was interested he replied with a short, but blunt, text message:

“I’d rather be homeless than take that job.”

Mike Leach is another person who the Hogs have been linked with, but apparently his response wasn’t any better. Leach told Arkansas boosters in a phone call Saturday night,

“Not even GOD can help y’all at this point, you might as well just get rid of football.”

It was even a thought that bringing back Houston Nutt may be in the works, but Nutt silenced the rumors quickly and had this to say,

"I'm very content with my job over at CBS that's for sure. But if I'm being completely honest, I'd rather coach an all blind and deaf Pop Warner team than Arkansas right now. They'd fare much better in the SEC.'

Whatever happens Hogs fans can rest easy knowing this, it probably can’t get any worse.


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