Jan 18, 2020

Andy Reid's Play-Calling Sheet Actually An Outback Steakhouse Menu

After the Chiefs AFC Championship victory on Sunday, several leaked photos revealed Andy Reid’s play-calling sheet to be nothing more than an Outback Steakhouse menu. 

Suspicions arose when Pro Bowl Receiver, Tyreek Hill was seen sprinting down the sideline and into the Chiefs’ locker room just before the start of the fourth quarter. Having shown no signs of discomfort, faithful fans were concerned when Hill failed to return after a 45 minute absence. To their relief, the famed pass catcher emerged from the tunnel wielding two Outback Steakhouse carry-out bags. Hill delivered the bags to his head coach before resuming his position on the field.  

Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt, took to the podium to shed some light on the day’s happenings. 

“Everyone knows that Andy has a history of choking in the playoffs. He makes some terrible decisions in the fourth quarter, which is right around the time he gets hungry. We’re hoping that keeping him fed will inspire him to help us win a Super Bowl this year.”

An exhausted Tyreek Hill was eager to clarify the specifics of his new role as Reid’s errand boy.

“It sucks. He sends me to Outback every damn game. I’ve tried to tell him about Uber Eats but he refuses to pay the delivery fee.”

Hill also disclosed that the shoulder injury he sustained earlier this year, was caused by Andy Reid, who sucker punched Hill after he forgot to order a Bloomin’ Onion. 

Additionally, an anonymous source revealed that the video of Kareem Hunt’s domestic abuse incident surfaced just days after the troubled running back forgot to include travel size packets of Worcester Sauce in Reid’s carry-out order.  

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